Welcome to a Brave Cool World.  
That was the moniker I copped from a journalist in 1997 when performing for the first time in St.Petersburg, Russia. The enduring horror of oppression in all its permutations here and abroad are cause for an outpouring from our communities.  The Human Race is One Family.   

Our new album reveals my anguish, sadness and courage for today’s turbulence.  This is my best way to bear the weight of trouble - to write, to sing, to play piano and to resist and to encourage.

It’s been a minute since I recorded any music without connection to a theatrical piece. But the world is our theatre and it’s all blending together. And to do it with friends in trio is truly a gift because you have endless support and freedom.  I always liken this power of three in music to making magical lace. Boots Maleson and Alex Garcia are artists of the highest magnitude and have played masterfully.

I’ve  been playing with Boots and Alex since 2017, developing a musical called MY FIRST REVOLUTION. On a whim, we decided to relax into something more natural - the jazz trio. We’ve made covers from Shirley Horn and Al Jarreau and offer up one of my favorite lyrics of all time - Léo Ferré’s masterpiece: Avec le Temps.  These are songs of Love, Hope and Wisdom, even though they arise from protest.

We dove deeply into our souls and used the joy of making music together to cry against the injustices of the day and to remember the beauty of Life.

We hope you enjoy it fully!
- Napua