My First Revolution - The Musical Synopsis
Alexandria, a first generation Cuban teenager, traumatized by her school mass shooting, leaves for Cuba and her to escape the madness of America. Alexandria is welcomed by her, whovworked years for and with Celia Sánchez. Grandmother Isabella has had a long and toxicvrelationship with her daughter Maria, Alexandria’s mother. Isabella now works at the Museum of the Cuban Revolution where she has conversations with the life size wax figure of Celia Sánchez in a diorama of her father’s medical clinic, who has become alive in Isabella’s imagination.

They discuss the need for someone to embody Celia’s Spirit, in order to know what it took to win the revolution. and to continue it today. Alexandria’s entrance provides them with a perfect candidate. And as Alexandria yearns to make her own revolution to change the world, it’s a perfect match.
It is the parallel and intertwining worlds of Celia in the last two years of the Cuban Revolution
and Alexandria maligned by the horrors of our current times, that rumble through CELIA. Both worlds are wrought with families at war within disintegrating societies, brittle with tensions that
shake the very foundation upon which our cultures thrive. 
A more relevant work, I cannot make.
Napua gives an overview of the history of Celia Sanchez and what makes her such a special and unique character in the fabric of our shared cultural history.