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For The Love of Money

from MIAMI

Music & Lyrics by Napua Davoy

Peter Calo Guitar

Phil Miller Bass

Darien Shulman Synth Percussion

The hands of time move so slow, how do people cope

They say the best years of your life come when you’re gray & old

They say the best things in life are free

You’ll have a tough time convincing me

I’d rather trade places with a king

We’re only here for a short time, let me start the climb

To heights of fortune to be rich has never been a crime

I want to be what I want to be, I got no trouble with the poor I see

Give me the lap of luxury

Fighting demons deep inside of me say

Forget the land of the milk and honey

Do anything for The Love of Money

Money you can hold it in your hand

Money’s something people understand

For The Love of Money

Do anything for The Love, Love of Money

Caching, caching, caching goes the sound of money

Caching, caching, caching makes the world go round

Caching, caching, higher than everybody

The dizzying effects of money

I could live out, live out that pauper’s son

I could live like, live like most

Everyone, but I won’t no I won’t

Look at them standing

Standing there waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waitng

Waiting for someone to care

But nobody cares, they don’t care, they don’t care

The wealthy can always shift their gaze

Onto their next object d’art while

Bread lines are growing even longer

Unemployment’s reaching higher peaks

Oh have you heard

What they’ve done in Germany

I’m not believing that, I’m not believing that

They call it Krystalnacht

Here the bread lines are long


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